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On-line buying guide

Welcome to Avanzabus.com on-line buying guide, where we will show you how easily you can buy your bus tickets online.
To buy your bus tickets at Avanzabus.com follow these steps:

1. Select the service you want

2. Fill traveller / s data

3. Choose the seat / s (only registered users and subject to availability)

4. Confirm data and pay


1.- Select the service you want

To do this, you can use the tickets search box.
From the search box you can select:

  • Type of travel: single, round-trip or open return
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Outward date
  • Return date (in case of round-trip)
  • Number of seats

Then click "Search" to find the services you need. Remember that our "Open Return" services, have a surcharge of 1€ to be charged at the time of closing the ticket.

Paso 1, Búsqueda de servicio

We will show you the services found based on your search criteria. If you are entitled to any special rate (Golden Rate for over 60 years, Military, large families, etc ), click on the “Special Rates" link. The existing rates will display. Select the appropriate. Remember you must prove your right to these fees through legal document at entering the bus

2.- Fill traveller / s data

Then, fill in the passenger / s data as well as the ones of person who is going to make ​​the purchase. If you are a registered customer, log into your account by entering your details in the top of the page ("User" and "Key") and your data will be loaded automatically.

If you want, we can send you a free sms with your booking reference as well as a ticket summary. With this reference, you can go directly to the bus and get on board just presenting the sms to the driver.

We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter (fortnightly shipments) to be informed of the latest promotions and news.

If you do not want the travel insurance, you should uncheck the box for the purpose. Accept the conditions of the purchase and "continue".


3.- Choose the seat / s

You will initially have a place assigned. Click on the seat you want and the system will modify your place. For safety, this step has a counter, long enough for you to be able to do it without problems, but if it expires, you will see a warning message saying the time period has expired. In that case, you'll need to start purchasing your ticket again.

Whether you've selected a specific place or not, you will have to choose the payment method. Available payment by credit card, debit card and PayPal. Choose the payment method you want and click "Continue".


4.- Confirm data and pay

You're going to proceed to purchase your bus tickets. We recommend that you review your travel data on the left side of the screen.

Once you are satisfied, fill in your card details and click on "Continue".

We remind you that the operation is performed under secure servers, as you can see from the page address in which you are "https".

After this step, we will show you an electronic ticket that you can print to board the bus. If you have applied for Free Shipping via sms, you will be able to access the bus by showing the message to Avanza’s staff.

To the left of the ticket, we'll show you the best hotels at your destination at special prices. In addition, if there is any special show at your destination, we will offer you tickets with a special discount for Avanzabus.com customers.

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