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Frecuently Asked Question / During the trip

What documentation should I take for departure?

The ticket which will allow you access to the bus.

Tickets issued on the website are nominative and therefore you must present a legal document proving that you are the owner of said ticket. If you transfer a ticket acquired on the website to another person, that person must bring the ticket, authorization and a photocopy of the ticket owner's legal document.

If you benefit from any special fare, the legal document proving your right. If you don’t bring it, you must pay the difference

How early must I arrive at the station before departure?

30 minutes before departure of the service is recommended.

Are there any restrictions on traveling with sports equipment?

This is always subject to the capacity of the bus hold, and all pieces of luggage must be checked in accordance with the current rates.

Are there any baggage limits?

Travelers have the right to transport up to 30 kg. of baggage for free. Excess baggage always depends on the capacity of the bus hold. A fee shall be paid in accordance with the corresponding rate.

How many stops does the bus make?

Please check timetables and itineraries.
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