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Frecuently Asked Question / Ticket Reservation and Purchase

What is the customer service telephone number for online purchases?

Online user customer service telephone number for Grupo Avanza companies.- 91 272 28 32

Can I purchase an open-ended ticket?

Yes, always subject to seat availability.

For ROUNDTRIP tickets with an open-ended return, the open portion of the journey must be used within a maximum period of 6 months from the date issued. These may be closed from the website under Close Return, if you have the ticket number and the record locater, regardless of the purchase method (ticket windows, agencies/collaborators, website). For tickets acquired at a ticket window, once they are closed, the original ticket must be attached to the electronic ticket generated by the system as they will be required by the driver when boarding. In all other cases, the open ticket will simply be replaced with the new ticket generated. Tickets may also be closed at any point of sale authorized by the company.

This type of ticket carries a surcharge of 1,5 €, refundable in case of partial or total cancellation of the ticket.

Can I travel with animals?

The animal will travel in an authorized carrier inside the bus hold.

The owner must fill out a form provided by the transport company accepting sole liability for the animal.

Do I have to pick up a ticket purchased online at a point of sale?

No, you only have to print the electronic ticket that is generated at the end of the purchase process, and present it to the driver when you board the bus you will be traveling on along with the legal document proving that you are the owner.

If you are not able to print the ticket, you must pick it up by providing the ticket number and record locator at any of our own ticket windows.

How far in advance may I purchase a ticket?

You have the ability to access services in advance of several months depending on the season and services.

What can I do if I don?t receive confirmation of my online purchase?

If you do not see your ticket once the payment transaction has been completed, you must contact our Web customer service at 902 02 00 52, during customer service hours or by e-mail at informacion@avanzagrupo.es and provide the purchase reference that appears on the virtual PST template or the data you have on the transaction completed and a contact phone number in order to confirm the transaction was completed and indicate the steps you must take to access your ticket.

How long do I have to modify a ticket?

Up to two hours before the outage. After this period the amendment is not possible, can make as many changes as deemed necessary within the time specified.

The changes in bills are charged at € 1,5 each way modified, in each of the bills to amend. This cost is not refundable in case of cancellation.

Can I cancel a ticket? How far in advance?

Tickets acquired online must be cancelled through the website. You must provide the ticket number.

For tickets acquired through other channels:

Tickets sold at a ticket window.- At any of our own ticket windows

Tickets sold at travel agencies.- Through the same agency where you made the purchase or at any of our own ticket windows.

Tickets sold at a self-service ticket kiosk.- At any of our own ticket windows.

Tickets sold over the phone.- At any of our own ticket windows.

The minimum period for canceling a ticket is no less than 2 hours before departure of the service purchased. After this period, cancellation will not be possible.

Can I check the information for a reservation or purchase made online?

Yes, through the Web Customer Service phone number.- 91 272 28 32, within customer service hours, or by requesting your information by sending an email to informacion@avanzagrupo.es.

What can I do if the website went down while I was making a purchase?

Contact us at the Web Customer Service phone number.- 91 272 28 32 within customer service hours or by e-mail to informacion@avanzagrupo.es, providing us with the information on your incidence and a telephone number where we can contact you.

Can I travel with a baby?

Yes. Children less than 4 pay 50% of the fare if they occupy a seat.

Can children travel alone?

No, not unless the parent or guardian issues an authorization for the minor to travel.

Are there any limitations for handicapped passengers or those with special conditions?

Only for handicapped people who depend on a wheelchair lift to access the bus. As not all vehicles are equipped with this lift and anchoring systems, you must call to check this at 91 272 28 32, within customer service hours or send us an e-mail to informacion@avanzagrupo.es.

Are there any discounts for large families?


20% for general category. Indicated with the initials FN 20.
50% for the special. Indicated with the initials FN 50

How can I get information on Avanza special offers and promotions?

Existing special offers will be included in the special offers section on the website.

What cards are accepted for online purchases?

Currently, only debit and credit cards issued by Spanish banks can be accepted.

¿Qué debo hacer con el SMS que he recibido en mi teléfono móvil?

El SMS enviado a su teléfono móvil tiene validad como billete electrónico. La presentación de estos mensajes al conductor que realiza el servicio, una vez comprobados por este los datos pertinentes, habilita al portador ha acceder al autobús sin tener que presentar billete impreso.

what's the meaning of "i/v mixta"?

The "i / v mixta" fare refers to the abbreviations for "round" and "back" and Mixta means that a trip can be made sense of in-service Express and the other way, in normal or vice versa.

What is the difference between Normal and Express Service?

Normal Service is provided with a bus of about 48 seats, while the Express Service has 35 squares with what is space for visitors is much broader. In addition, the Express service has leather seats in rows of 2 seats or 1, are usually faster services because they make stops, have wifi, wc ... More information here

Can I selectthe seat where I want to travel?

The Web Portal Users can: Choose the place they want to make the trip, if the purchase is made ​​in advance up to 24 hours out of service. With a purchase advance less than 24 hours, the system automatically assign seats.

The booking presented for the choice of seat / s corresponds to the fleet of Avanza Group Long Distance, varying the position of the / s square / s chosen / s, if the bus in to undertake the journey corresponded to a partner company.

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