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Avanza Grupo Largo Recorrido and technology


A new business model which was though-out, designed and built to meet the needs of the Regular Passenger Road Transport Sector.

The tool is designed in modules and has no limitations as far as growth.

The tool and the development environment guarantee the portability and scalability of the system to any Oracle-supported environment with total SQL compatibility and accessibility.

The system developed is highly parametrizable and adaptable to the particular needs of regular passenger road transport, with 24 x 7 operation. It has great capacity for interconnection with multiple information systems through any communications network (RTB, LAN, WAN, etc.).

Moreover, it will be possible to make use of the best advances in communications, improving user access and the simplicity of the interfaces, thanks to the use of information technologies as a differential factor of the service and the integrated user service management. Thus, both telephone and Internet may be used to access the system databases which contain information on itineraries, stops, reservations and ticket sales.

Fundamental objectives of the system:

Creation of a unique and integrated Network which makes it possible to

  • Offer a fast, efficient and reliable service. 
  • Unify the information and services offered by the companies integrated into the system. 
  • Access to the system from anywhere, through the World Wide Web (Internet), Sales Kiosks… For national and international sector businesses, Travel Agencies, direct clients, bus stations, etc. 
  • The system guarantees its adaptation to any new technology that appears in the future.

Main Technical and Operating Features of the System:

  • Technical 
    • Open. (Linux, Unix, NT, Windows, etc)
    • ORACLE and Developer/2000 Technology
    • Client/Server Application
    • Parametrizable.
    • Modular integration with other applications. (Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing, etc). Permits exploitation of the information with other tools (EIS, Office systems, etc.)
  • Operating
    • Easy to use and intuitive
    • Friendly interface.
    • Online user help
    • Scalable.


Features of the Model


  • Single Database. 
    • Data and Access security and privacy
  • Joint Offer for all companies attached to the model
  • Great Variety of Sales Systems: 
    • Own network
    • Websites
    • Travel Agencies
    • Virtual Call Center, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems with natural voice recognition, allow the user telephone access to the system in search of a service, travelers may reserve and even purchase their tickets with a credit card.
    • Enroute Sales
    • Sales Kiosks, so that travelers may use a multimedia point of access to conduct the abovementioned transactions. Additionally, the current telephone service can be linked to the Internet service so that a user may speak with an operator by phone from an information kiosk or a multimedia PC who can answer any last-minute queries or concerns (Call on Web).
    • Single ticket window

S.T.S. Modules

  • CRS Management
  •  Traffic Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Sales Management
  • Agencies
  • Accounting Interface
  • Enroute Sales
  • Web
  • Invoicing

Advantages of the Model:

  • Process-related:
    • Single Database.
    • Guarantee of the Security and privacy of each company’s data.
    • Centralized processes.
    • Solution already available.
    • Global solution.
  • User-related:
    • Larger product offering.
    • Single offer for END CLIENT. Easier for end client to reach each company’s products.
    • The information system allows simultaneous use of Internet technologies at no additional cost to the company, thus facilitating user access. With this type of application, travelers will be able to reserve and even pay for their tickets by credit card, with a simple Internet access.
    • Single offer to distribution channels.
    • Scale Economies:
    • Possibility of unifying points of sale (SINGLE TICKET WINDOW)
    • Unified and shared communication lines. 


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